About Ikhewa Masjid
Do you know what's happening upstairs? This is all a result of your former partner. Do you understand now? Do you see why this can't continue? There will be an appropriate response.In 2018, the Ikhewa community Masjid was established through the grace of Allah. To cater to the growing demand for a larger space, the community purchased a church located in Hamasted Road and converted it into a magnificent masjid.

Since then, the masjid has become a hub of activity, hosting daily prayers, Friday prayers, Janazah prayers, Quran classes, lectures, Khatm gatherings, and iftars. But the community's needs continue to grow, and we require your generous donations to continue serving our community.

This Ramadan, we are seeking your support in our efforts to expand and improve our facilities. We plan to create dedicated rooms for Quran classes, a separate prayer area for sisters, and an extension to our wash area, toilets, and wudu facilities.

Your donation can make a tremendous impact on our community project. By contributing to our cause, you can help us create a welcoming and inclusive space for all members of our community to worship and learn.

Let us come together this Ramadan and make a change that will benefit generations to come. Your generosity can make a significant difference, so please donate generously and support our mission.

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